Reimo Rehkli

I specialize in transforming teams to work in a more structured and efficient manner through my expert workshop facilitation. My approach is rooted in empathy, backed by a strong background in working with diverse teams, and driven by my enthusiasm for structured meetings. A testament to my effective problem-solving skills is a recent experience with a client. They initially believed they had identified their issue, but through one of my facilitated exercises, we discovered the true problem that needed to be addressed. This not only saved time but also ensured that we were working towards a solution that would deliver the desired results. Let’s explore how we can collaborate to enhance your team’s performance.

My Services


Varied training courses: Using Canva, creating web texts, conducting workshops, and more.

Design Sprints

I facilitate design sprints, where products and services are created and refined.


I help teams make better decisions, prioritize tasks effectively, work together in harmony, and deliver solutions that work.


Leveraging my extensive experience, I provide guidance on marketing, communication, and facilitating more effective workshops. Additionally, I offer expertise in various smart tools, including Canva, Notion, and more.



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