dekoratiivpilt supervõime

What is your superpower?

I'm currently enrolled in a 6-week training program to improve my skills in facilitating workshops for different teams. Last week, each of us had to lead a portion of a workshop and received feedback from a designated person in a one-on-one meeting afterwards.

I found it intriguing to hear that my Estonian bluntness and straightforwardness were praised as positive attributes. I've always perceived my inability and, in some ways, my unwillingness to mince words and just say it as it is as a hindrance. I've always considered it a shortcoming rather than a strength.

Interestingly, it was pointed out and explained that my directness actually gives me an edge as a workshop facilitator who has the courage to speak his mind, even when dealing with challenging individuals. When I expressed my belief that my bluntness is more of a hindrance, the feedback provider surprisingly suggested that it's actually my superpower.

What is your superpower?

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